Project Infinity:

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Infinity, the first Game Boy COLORTM game we here at Affinix are developing currently is an epic RPG, to be completed in late 2001. Due to the fact that this will be the first commercial release by Affinix Software, we are currently not developing any other projects. Please take the time to view the latest information below, as well as other media related releases regarding our project Infinity.


This Game Boy COLORTM title will allow you to bring along with you the epic adventure of classic 8 & 16-bit roleplaying games in your pocket.

Infinity features:

  • Unique strategic battle system
  • Breathtaking graphics
  • Complex, in-depth maps with over 50 explorable areas
  • Progressive plot and events
  • More than 100 items to aid you in your quest
  • Much, much more!


Infinity Screen Shot 1 Infinity Screen Shot 2
Infinity Screen Shot 3 Infinity Screen Shot 4
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The Story
Music (on downloads page)

Infinity FAQ:

Q: When is the projected release date for Infinity?

A: Currently, Infinity is being reviewed by publishers. Only time will tell, when we are able to make a deal with a publisher.

Q: How will the game be sold when it is finished? Will it be sold through your website or through retail stores?

A: The publisher we make a deal with will take care of the marketing of Infinity, and thus, likely will mean sale at retail stores.

Q: What will be the cost of the game?

A: Again, this will be a decision of the publisher. We estimate that the retail cost will be about US$30.

Q: Do you have a publisher yet?

A: No.

Q: Why not?

A: Publishers these days seem to be more interested in the Game Boy ADVANCETM.

Q: Do you plan on making a Game Boy ADVANCETM version of Infinity?

A: That would mean remaking the game. Currently, we believe that Infinity is still a viable game even with the presence of the GBA, since there are still no role-playing games available on that platform. There is also no RPG of this quality on the Game Boy COLORTM

Q: Do you plan on making any other Game Boy ADVANCETM titles?

A: Affinix may be involved in an upcoming GBA project with Metro 3D. Stay tuned!

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