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Infinity lives on! [March 10, 2021]

It has been 20 years since Infinity's inception. We have received a lot of love from fans and console enthusiasts alike since the demo's release in 2016. Now, the team is proud to announce the return, and hopefully final completion of Infinity!

First off, there's a new Infinity Website!

In conjunction with Retro Modding, Infinity will attempt to be completed through an upcoming kickstarter campaign in June 2021 with Retro Modding's newly formed gaming publishing devision called Incube8 Games!

Please subscribe to the newsletter on Infinity's new website to stay up-to-date and get some exclusive content when you do! If you have already subscribed to the old newsletter on this site, worry not! You are already subscribed. :)

Thank you for your support over the years, and we ask you for your help when Infinity's kickstarter launches in a few months!
The gems light shimmered silently [February 15, 2021]

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Infinity Demo Released [August 13, 2016]

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Infinity for Game Boy Color in unfinished form! We've made a ROM file available, as well as the source code. The game is in mostly the same state as it was when we stopped developing it in 2001, but with some recent polishing (bugfixes, missing assets added, typos corrected, etc). The ROM is configured to end about a quarter of the way through, before you encounter any incomplete areas, and thus we've labeled it as a preview.

The Infinity ROM file can be played in a Game Boy Color emulator. We recommend RetroArch or OpenEmu with the Gambatte core. The game can also be burned onto a cartridge if you have the equipment.

We advise against modifying the source code to play beyond the stopping point unless you are interested in participating in the development process. The stopping point is there to protect you from getting stuck or corrupting your saved game.

We estimate that Infinity is around 90% complete. The game was developed out of order so it's not the last 10% that is missing, but rather a bunch of parts throughout (this is why the preview ends fairly early on). Our plan is to finish the game eventually, but given how many years it has been, we can't make any guarantees. We've made the source code available to ensure that Infinity can live on regardless of what we do. Maybe if we don't finish the game anytime soon, someone else can. Or maybe what's playable can be ported to other platforms. We hope retrogamers will enjoy this little bit of history.

The Infinity ROM and source code may only be used for non-commercial purposes. If you are interested in commercial licensing, or wish to buy the rights to develop an enhanced version or sequel, please contact tssf@rogers.com.

Update (August 16, 2016): We held a Reddit AMA regarding the release.
Update (February 17, 2017): The Misinformed Bros posted a playthrough of the entire game on YouTube.

Defunct [February 1st, 2007]

Even after all this time, we still get emails from people wondering what happened to the company or if Infinity will ever be released. Here's the answer: the team has been disbanded since 2002, and there is a slim possibility that Infinity may one day be released as a ROM file for free on the website. A ROM file would allow the game to be played in emulators or be burned to your own cartridge.

The website continues to exist because our web hosting is essentially free. But make no mistake, Affinix as a game company is not operational. There is no planned date for release of a ROM. Infinity is completely obsolete by today's standards and we have no plans to sell it, so there is very little incentive to work on the project. Who knows, though, maybe we'll eventually finish the darn thing.

Justin went on to found the Psi IM client project, and he continues to use the Affinix name for things (despite them having no relation to gaming).

Hideaki has moved to Japan and started a family. He has virtually no Internet presence these days.

Mark went on to law school.

Eric offers the Infinity Gameboy Music Score on his website.

The status of the others is unknown, but they are probably doing something useful.

New Plans [January 21, 2002]

The time spent searching for publishers closed our near shut window of opportunity for getting Infinity published. It seems very clear now that Infinity will not be published for GBC.

On the good side of things, Affinix may be involved in an upcoming GBA project with Metro 3D. Stay tuned!

Back to Page 1? [July 17, 2001]

After months of negotiation, Crave Entertainment has decided not to publish Infinity. Quality design and artistic talent gave way to statistical analysis, which revealed that the Game Boy COLORTM is no longer a competitive platform for publication compared to the newly released Game Boy ADVANCETM. This means that the greatest role-playing game ever created for the Game BoyTM platform still has no publisher. We, however, believe that Infinity can be competitive in the midst of GBA as explained in our FAQ.

We will continue the publisher search, and as always, we will update the page when more news is available.

The Infinity FAQ has been updated.
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Infinity makes E3 [May 16, 2001]

At last, all the work we've been doing here at Affinix has paid off: Infinity will be shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Crave Entertainment's booth. We're very proud to unveil Infinity to the public at last. We hope that fans, reporters, and industry analysts will have a chance to see Infinity in action and see that a beautiful, epic RPG is not impossible on the GBC. We look forward to releasing substantial media updates in the coming days. Lastly, we'd like to thank all our loyal fans who have stuck with us for the two years we've been working on Infinity -- or Joltima II, as it was once known. It's been a blast, and the best is just beginning!

The Infinite Wait for Publication [April 23, 2001]

Several publishers have reviewed/are reviewing Infinity, and we are awaiting their responses. Meanwhile, the Affinix team has decided to make several more fine-tuning revisions.

The next announcement will be made when we make a deal with a publisher.

New screen shots have been posted.

Infinity nears completion [December 31, 2000]

The price of high aspirations is lengthy revision, which means that though we've made tremendous progress with Infinity, we have been unable to meet our intended completion date of December 31st. We are confident, however, that we will produce the game in a timely manner, and we are sure that players will appreciate the extra time spent in polishing every aspect.

New screen shots have been posted.
A new song file has been posted.
The Infinity story has been posted.

Affinix.com is back online! [October 13, 2000]

Affinix is back up and now better than ever with our new and improved site design. Be sure to check out all the sections of our new page and the new screen shots of the beginning of the game have been posted in our projects page!

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