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About the team

Name Information
Justin Karneges

Location: Irvine, CA
Birthday: April 12, 1980
Skills: Computer Programming, Music
Email: justin@karneges.com
Jabber ID: justin@andbit.net

Justin has been programming since age 13 and has developed programs for a range of platforms. The most notable of these are Joltima (TI-83 RPG), Telnet83 (TI-83 VT100 Terminal), and Munchman (MS-DOS Pacman clone). He also enjoys composing music in his spare time.

Matt Rossi

Location: Newport Beach, CA

Hideaki Omuro

Location: Irvine, CA
Birthday: January 29, 1981
Skills: Computer Programming, 2D Pixel Art
Email: crashati82@hotmail.com

Addicted to making BASIC programs in the fourth grade, Hid, as his friends call him, ever since has learned many programming languages including BASIC, C, x86 assembly, and z80 assembly and similar languages. Hid enjoys over-optimizing code, especially in z80 assembly, usually spending most of his leisure time for his complex tasks. His credits include: CrASH (TI-82 assembly language shell) and Edit-82 (memory editor for the TI-82).

Melvin de Voor

Location: The Netherlands
Birthday: January 10, 1981
Skills: 2D Pixel and Non-Computer Art
Email: illustrange@gmail.com
Website: http://melvindevoor.deviantart.com/

Melvin has been into visual arts ever since he was a child. Initially not involved with games, he was focused more on non-computer material. Later on, however, he got into pixel-style graphics and quickly began to develop high-quality sprites and tiles. Now working on several commercial GBC games Melvin is looking outward toward and tries acting wherever he can.

Eric Hache

Location: Shippagan, NB Canada
Birthday: September 26, 1975
Skills: Composing and Performing Music, Computer Technician
Website: http://gamemusic.ca

Check Eric's homepage for details.

Mark Yohalem

Location: Hanover, NH / Los Angeles, CA
Birthday: February 25, 1980
Skills: Writing, design
Email: mry@dartmouth.edu

Mark wrote his first short story in fourth grade, a seventeen page hack piece featuring a hero known only as "The Knight." Since then, he has written avidly in both fantasy and standard genres. He has published two short stories, has two more stories with publication pending, and is currently seeking publication of his full length novel, The Third Road. Though he has worked on many RPG projects, since age 12, Infinity will be his first published script.

Mathew Valente

Location: Victoria, BC Canada
Birthday: January 02, 1981
Skills: Musician / Sound Engineering
Website: http://tssfsound.ca
Email: tssf@rogers.com

Remaking music onto a PC module format for fun is how Mat got started into gaming music. He loves it. Whenever he remakes something, he makes sure to retain the original feeling of the song as closely as possible. Still working on his original style for original compositions, he's perfectly content in being a sound engineer and help make anyone elses project sound the best it can with his help.

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